Newsletter - March 10, 2021

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Video: Meet the Man Who Grows Your Almonds

Last week we traveled out to the Central Valley. We rejoiced in the billowing clouds of almond blossoms. The air was alive with myriads of bees.                                      

We met up with Steve Koretoff. He and his father Nic and brother Dave produce over 1,000,000 pounds of alive, organic almonds each year. This is all the more marvelous when one considers that their forebears came over from the old country, at the turn of the previous century, with a little more than the shirts on their backs. They are a California farming family of five generations. It is our privilege to work with them. Please watch the video as Steve’s integrity of purpose and devotion shines through.

As always, your comments and suggestions are invaluable.

Please accept our best wishes for good health, prosperity and success to you and your family.

Jesse Schwartz PhD
Living Tree Community Foods

Video: How to Plant a Bare-root Fruit Tree Step by Step by GrowVeg

Recipe: Chocolate Avocado Pudding Truffles

recipe image from remote site

Ultra decadent Chocolate Avocado Pudding Truffles with the most heavenly texture and cruncy pistachio coconut coating. Vegan, paleo, and easy!



  • Scoop the avocados into a food processor. Add the maple syrup, nut/seed butter, and vanilla.
  • Process until smooth. Let it go for a while, you don’t want any lumps of avocado.
  • Add the cacao powder, salt, and instant coffee (if using).
  • Process until combined.
  • Freeze until firm enough to roll into balls (2-3 hours).

New! Items For March

Pineapple Rings – Organic

New crop! Beautiful slices. What wonderful fruit salads you’ll make!

As a symbol of hospitality, the pineapple has a cultural association with the idea of—welcome—and has been used traditionally as a gift when meeting someone new in cultures all over the world.

Pineapple also has many health benefits and is loaded with calcium, potassium, fiber, and vitamin C, and is rich in manganese, a trace mineral the body uses to build bone and connective tissues.

Macadamia Nuts Whole (Hawaiian) – Alive & Organic

We are delighted to say that our Hawaiian macadamia nuts are back. Quality and flavor are superb.

Macadamia nuts contain a significant level of protein, comprising essential and non-essential amino acids.
Our macadamias are crisp, fresh and alive!

Buckwheat Groats - Alive & Organic

Buckwheat Groats are buckwheat seeds that have been hulled. Subtly flavored when raw, buckwheat develops an earthly, nutty taste when roasted, long used as a tasty cereal-type grain called kasha.

This gluten-free grain can be substituted for wheat, oats, rye or barley. You may also grind it into a flour to use in buckwheat pancakes or combine with wheat flour to use in baked goods.

March Victory Garden Sale

10% off this month’s featured items (Remember, if you buy 3 or more of any Living Tree manufactured product, you get an additional 10% off!)
Black Sesame Tahini – Alive and Organic

Living Tree Community Foods Organic Black Sesame Tahini is created in Berkeley, California from alive, raw organic black sesame seeds grown by family farmers. We make it by slicing raw black sesame seeds into a luxurious spread then adding organic black sesame oil. An excellent source of calcium.

Golden Flax Seeds (Whole) – Alive & Organic

Living Tree Community Foods raw, alive and organic are larger and softer than the more usual dark brown flax seed. They have a mild nutty flavor that enhances food or drink. These beautiful seeds are so nutritious. Grind in your seed mill or coffee grinder and sprinkle on everything you eat.

California Almond Flour – Alive & Organic

Living Tree Community Foods organic almond flour is produced from raw and alive nonpareil almonds grown by the Koretoff family, California family farmers of five generations. Rejoice in its moist, oily aliveness. What wonderful alive cookies and cakes you will make! Combine with honey, chopped dates and raisins for an alive pie shell. You’ll think of many other creative uses!

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