Absolut Honey – Alive 11oz squares

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“Deliciousness itself,” as Mark Twain said about cherimoya.  For culinary adventurers who demand the ultimate in aliveness. An elegant natural confection.  We are delighted to say that Absolut Honey is back. This is honeycomb filled with honey just as the bees made it. A single cell of honeycomb is filled with the concentrated nectar of innumerable flowers. What could be more alive?

The bees are cared for with loving devotion by Walt Broughton and his sons Abram, Luke and Jeb.  Together they have in excess of ten decades of being with the bees.

Honeycomb is completely edible. Many aver that honey tastes especially alive when eaten straight from the comb. It is chewy, pleasantly sweet,fresh and vital. The wax cells of honeycomb are both edible and beneficial because they contain natural vitamin A as well as roughage.  For an ecstatic taste spread on a slice of apple that has first been spread with a layer of tahini or almond butter. With cheeses, fruit, and edible flowers it is a gorgeous and delicious spread.

Tragically enough, because of the die-off of bees, it has become scarce. The honeycomb we are offering is produced by family farmers in rural Pennsylvania.

Ponder the hexagonal wax structure; it is a natural wonder. How solid and sturdy and yet, at the same time, delicate and fragile. How could tiny creatures perfect such structures?

The best way to keep raw honeycomb is at ambient temperature in a cabinet or cupboard. The shelf life is 4000 years.It has been found in Egyptian tombs.

Raw honey should not be eaten by children under one year of age.

A fine choice for “preppers” and “survivalists”.The shelf life of honey is 4000 years.

Country of Origin: USA

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Beautiful honeycomb. Such a treat to get to bring a piece home.