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Special Offer to Nursing Mothers and Glorious Elders

Dear Nursing Mothers – Thank you for bringing into this world, a vibrant new soul from the treasury of babies.  We feel privileged to offer you one pound of our delicious Thompson seedless organic, sundried raisins with any purchase you make. Just type nursingmother in the COUPON section during checkout.



Dear Glorious Elders – Kindly share with us the meaning of the verse, Teach us to count our days, then we shall acquire a heart of wisdom, Psalm 90:12. Help us learn from your example of the intrinsic goodness of the American people.  We feel privileged to offer you one pound of our delicious Thompson seedless organic, sundried raisins with any purchase you make. Just type gloriouselder in the COUPON section during checkout.


Some Comments

Nursing Mothers

My name is Talia and I wanted to thank you for the raisins that you put in my order last week! What an amazing thing you do for nursing mothers! My order was also over $50 and received a bag of trail mix, very appreciated as well!
Your products are amazing and I feel good eating them!!
Thank you soooo much!

Talia Drick

I am a nursing mom, 42 yrs old with 4 kids. Isabela is 12 mos. and so happy, and was a great surprise (my 3 others are quite a bit older at 7, 11, 13). Thank you for encouraging nursing!! I wouldn’t give up nursing for anything, and plan to nurse her for as long as she wants to 🙂
Kathryn Greider

I just wanted to say that I recently made my first purchase from you, and it won’t be my last! For one thing, the free raisins for being a nursing mother was really cool! And those raisins! They were the best I’ve ever had, bar none. Every other organic raisin I’ve had was “hard as a rock”, to quote my 3 year old. These were just beyond words. And I always thought I didn’t especially like raisins! One question I had is should I refrigerate these? I just put them in the cupboard, but I don’t want them to spoil before we can eat them all.
Next, the almond butter! Oh my goodness. I had purchased organic almond butter once before from a health food store and didn’t care for it enough to justify the high price again. When I saw your site I thought I’d give it one more chance. I’m so glad I did. I’ll never buy almond butter from anywhere else again.? I just made some “ants on a log” with the almond butter and raisins for a simple snack, and it tasted like it never had before, thanks to your products.
I wish I was more local to you, but I’ll be buying from you in spite of the distance.
Thanks so much!

Nicole Graff

My family and I are so grateful for your wonderful products! I am still exclusively nursing my 7 1/2 month old, if available, could you please send us some of your glorious raisins?! Thank you for supporting the nursing mothers!!!
Jessica Thyr
Burnsville, Minnesota

Hi, I am still nursing my 8 1/2 month old son and my 5 year old daughter and I just tore through your dried mango, it was fantastic. We are trying out the almond butter this time. Thanks
Carol Leandro
Ventura, California

Please send the most spectacular raisins I have ever tasted, if available! I am still nursing my 5 month old, and pumping for my 4 and 2 year olds! Thank you for your much appreciated support!
Jessica Thyr
Burnsville, Minnesota

I am a nursing mother with hypoglycemia and I see your healthy products are working wonderfully for me and my 4 month old. I never heard of many of these foods, I love the goji berries and chia seeds.
Josue Abreu
Miami, Florida

I am Grateful for you! I am so excited to try everything that I have ordered and look forward to having more with my coop/buying club. I am a nursing mother of a toddler and baby! We would love to enjoy the raisins. Also, please send along the wholesale catalog for my coop.
Ashley Westervel
Freeland, Michigan

Hi and WOW – I LOVE seeing the page honoring nursing moms/elders. My husband and I delivered our 1st baby in 2005, unassisted and in the water. AWESOME Experience indeed. I’m 4.5 months along now with our 2nd, and he’s planning on coming in the same way as his brother from what he has conveyed to me. I just stumbled across your site seeking raw tahini; so happy i have found you! and for much more i see! PEACE,
Carmen Bentley
Kalamazoo, Michigan

My toddler-nursling’s favorite snack is Living Tree Community raisins with a side of berries. Please do send raisins if you can. We appreciate them very much!
Jodie Chin
La Jolla, California

I am GRATEFUL! Thank you for making these holy living foods available to those who eat our preventative medicine in the form of raw natural goodness. I have written to the Gov. and called him expressing my sincere opposition to his bill which would try to take away these precious foods of the latest it’s raw milk. My family is a testimony to the vibrancy of raw foods. While pregnant i consumed raw milk, raw kefir, raw cheese, raw almonds, raw almond butter, raw coconut oil, raw honey – you get the idea. All of which resulted in a spectacularly successful VBAC/homebirth. Yes I am – we are eternally grateful to those who are promoting a delicious preventative health care. In closing may I add that I would love some of your blessed raisin sustenance for myself and my nursing babe.
Gratefully Yours,

The Barnard-Solis Family
Alameda, California

Hi there! After wanting to place an order with you for some months, I finally got around to it a couple of weeks ago. In the order comments section, I explained that as I’m trying to maintain a raw foods lifestyle while seven months pregnant with no health insurance at all, I really appreciate your highly reasonable sale prices (I purchased raw tahini, chia seeds, and raw noni powder… although I would have liked to buy at least one of everything on your site!) and will definitely be returning for more as I can afford to do so, and especially once I can avail myself of your generous gift to nursing mothers.
My package was delayed in shipping, but when I contacted customer service, I received a prompt reply, for which I am grateful.
When the package did arrive, everything was beautifully packed and made it cross-country with no damage whatsoever. I was pleased to see a bonus packet of raw almonds had been thrown into my order. So far I’ve tried the tahini and the chia seeds, and both are excellent. Again, I really appreciate the sale prices! It’s very difficult to maintain a raw vegan lifestyle in the face of all the medical costs of a pregnancy, and you made my life a bit easier.
Here’s what I didn’t expect:
Two or three days after my order arrived, I received a second package from Living Tree. On the box was written “Bonus Inside.” Odd, I thought. When I opened it, inside was a 16 oz. jar of raw tahini, an 8 oz. jar of raw almond butter, and an 8 oz. jar of Sweet and Kind pumpkin/sesame butter, all free of charge. I was blown away. I still don’t know what I did to deserve such generosity, but I just wanted to write you this to try and tell you how grateful I am. It was a complete surprise and it totally made my day.
So, in short, thanks for everything! You’ll be seeing more of me in future, and I’m already recommending your products to others at every chance I get.

Nicole Kornher-Stace
New Paltz, New York

Greetings, I am the mother of an 8 month old and a 22 month old, both adopted, both fed breast milk donated by 44 different lactating women in the greater Seattle area. We’ve been raw for 2 months now and started just as our youngest was starting solids so he is 100% raw as well. I find our story so beautiful and amazing because of the generosity and kindness of so many that I just wanted to share.
Blessings and thank you for the beautiful food!

Ali Tromblay
Woodinville, Washington

At age 46 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, our 6th child, 3rd girl. Two years later, she is still nursing.Thank you for the raisins!

Lori Vidal
Winona, Texas

I am a nursing mother to a beautiful little girl. I would be very grateful for some raisins! Thank you!
I have my husband hooked on your raw almond butter- nothing else is good enough for him now! I hope we will be able to buy more soon. I am so sad to hear that the government is going ahead with their plans for tainting almonds! I wish your business all the best, you provide such a great rescource for wonderful, pure foods!

Anne-Marie Rolston-Yen
Ramona, California

Wow guys! First of all I have to say that I’m very glad that I found you, I got to you through, who strongly recommend you, and I see that you have a wonderful selection of my favorite foods.
I just want to let you know that I have a small cute baby girl, who is 9 months and 3 weeks, (she is breastfeed of course) and I noticed that you have on the section Nursing Moms a gift for us mothers (the raisins). I would appreciate that so much!!! Thank you very much for your kindness!!!
PS. I enjoy reading your site a lot, so much good information, I’ll send it along to my girlfriends…

Plano, Texas

You have wonderful products, I think almost all of them are the best in the world. My children love everything that I buy from Living Tree. My 2 year old is still breastfed.
Blessings to all of you.
With love and gratitude,

Oksana, Chandler, Paul and David
Houston, Texas

I L-O-V-E your products and thank you for your good work. I am a nursing mother of two and feel truly nourished when I eat your almond butter. Nourishment which I feel is passed on to our nurslings. THANK YOU!
Lisa Trust
Groton, New York

My little nursling will be 19 months old tomorrow – and he LOVES your raisins!! Please do send an extra pound to us if they are available. It is such a kind offer and I greatly appreciate the support and recognition.
Jodie Chin
La Jolla, California

Hi there, I am a nursing mom and so appreciative of your gift of yummy raisins. Thank you for making me feel special.
Oakland, California

I am a nursing Mama to little 10 week Vincenzo! How did you know that I crave yummy sweet morsels all day? Please send on those delicious-sounding raisins! Thank you and cannot wait to receive products.
Mama Maria
Glendale, California

Hello! I’m a nursing mother, so I’d love to receive your raisins as a bonus! I have an 8 month old, and we’re both looking forward to enjoying the black sesame tahini, the olive oil, and the Goji berries together! Thanks!
Alicia Fernandez
Napa, California

I received my order a little while ago and just wanted to let you know that I am very very pleased with it! Also, I very much appreciated Margo contacting me twice to let me know about a delay in shipping it out and again to make sure that I had received everything o.k. I haven’t yet gotten to try everything, but the things that I have tried have all been so delicious!! (This includes the black mission figs, cranberries, walnuts, macadamia nuts, pistachios, cashews, the Coconut Dream which is very aptly named, it is so wonderful, the Desiree pesto, and the goji berries.) I will definitely be a returning customer!
Thank you for your wonderful food!

Julianne Rowland

Hello, again! Please send a pound of the greatest raisins on earth as we are still nursing. I tried another brand of raw butters and was sorely disappointed- cannot wait to get my Living Tree butters again!!! Bright Blessings.
Happy Baby! Advocacy

Anna Kulcsar

Thank you for making a stand for the integrity of wholesome ‘unmessed-around with’ food for life. I am a nursing mother of a 15 month old angel and I so appreciate being recognized, let alone rewarded, for graciously participating in the life sustaining bond of mother and child.
Many thanks–

Tonya Crews
Houston, Texas

Thank you for the work you do. I just discovered your site and am delightedwith how you support nursing moms. I’ve been nursing my daughter two years, loving every moment. Also, thanks for supporting RAW almonds! We’ve been without raw almonds for months and I can hardly wait to eat and make milk again. Keep up the wonderful work.

Miami, FL

I am a nursing mother of a 3 1/2 month old little boy. What a little miracle he is! I would love to have some of your raisins if they are still available for nursing moms. Thank you so much for your generosity, and for providing healthy food to people who want to get away from all of the toxins that are put into our grocery store foods nowdays! I appreciate your commitment to whole, raw, organic products.
Kristi Caruthers
Lamar, Missouri

Nursing mother – I can’t believe you guys are honoring us and our elders too. So entirely awesome!!!! My daughter is 3 weeks old and I wasn’t able to stay raw during my pregnancy but happy to report that I have been back to eating almost 100% raw the past few weeks and feeling amazing!!! Thank you!!!
Colleen Miller
Melbourne, FL

Glorious Elders

Woderful almonds! Thank you for your lovely raisins and trail mix. They are delicious, and much appreciated. Another blessing of being an elder! Seasons greetings to all your community.
With love,

Carole Billin
Center Harbor, NH

I am a 64 year old woman who is very happy with your wonderful considerate company! I know that when I receive my order from you that I will always have quality products. Thank you very much.
Bonnie Madley
Galax, Virginia

I was born and raised on a farm in San Jose, Arizona where we grew all of our own meat, animal feed, vegetables, nuts and fruit, processed our own dairy, made our own soap, butter, clothing, etc. Although I am only 64 years old, we did not have electricity on our farm until I was about 10 years old. I married, moved to the city and have been there ever since. I am so excited to find your products and am afraid I will not be able to use grocery store, mass produced, inferior, products again. I share-crop with my brother-in-law, who lives about 10 miles away, who raises fresh vegetables. I have 7 children, 29 grand children and a large extended family who also enjoy eating and living healthy.
I have been purchasing and using your olive oil and coconut oil for several months and find the quality and taste to be the best I have tried. I have also started trying your honey, almonds, almond butter and some of your grains and am very impressed with these items as well. I enjoy reading your interesting contributions for keeping America clean, organic and unpolluted. I wish that every American was as interested and would hold their elected officers accountable for dedicating some of their time and efforts to these causes and issues.
Thank you for your time and your courtesies.
Trelva Greenhalgh

From an elder made even more glorious with your food and support. I have seasonal allergies which result in constant nasal drip. A spoonful of your delicious Snugglespoon honey (a natural antihistamine) is not only a taste treat but dries up my sinuses within minutes; the effect lasts for 2-3 hours. Bless you all for your good work.
Denver, Colorado

My husband and I are ‘Glorious Seniors’ and consider ourselves to be fortunate to be able to maintain our healthy lifestyle. We do not take any description drugs, rarely need to see a doctor, eat a simple and natural diet, and savor the Living Tree products. Thank you for your devotion to clean pure real food!
Lynda Lewis
Carmel, New York

I am a happy healthy glorious elder thanks to people like yourselves.
Rosalie Mastropietro
Phoenix, Arizona

I am celebrating my becoming a glorious elder. Everyday you don’t learn something new is a day wasted. I’ll not waste another day and learn all I can about this wonderful RAW lifestyle. Thank you for the gift of your raisins.
Carol Bundock
Petaluma, California

No one has ever referred to me a “Glorious Elder” before, but I like how it sounds and will appreciate the complimentary pound of organic raisins with my order!
Thank you!

Linda Bogan
River Edge, New Jersey

Tomorrow is my birthday and I will become a ‘Glorious Elder’! Thank you for your wonderful products especially the alive almond butter!
Diane Boecke
Walton, New York

Thanks for all your love and attention to good food, good health, and a healthy earth. I always enjoy your products. An elder wise enough to appreciate your value.
Allison St. Claire
Clear Mountain Communications
Denver, Colorado

I loved my first order which was last week and here I am again. Thank you for addressing the almond issue. By the way I am a glorious elder at 66.
Rosalie Mastropietro
Phoenix, Arizona

The longer one lives the more of the universe you understand which makes each day precious.
Joan Cotton
Gibson city, Illinois

Please send the free raisins for seniors with my order. I just celebrated my 65th birthday and am very healthy thanks to companies like yours that help to distribute raw organic food. Thanks for all you contribute to the world.
Janice Powell
Louisville, Colorado

How lovely of you to share your harvest of raisins. My response to Psalm 90:12 is one I have learned slowly over time. Let us all learn to evaluate our time especially in the light of the briefness of our life – it is so easy to squander the precious moments on frivolous activities.
Love, give, share, as the Lord has asked.

Kind regards,
Janis Phelps
Anza, California

I am helping my Mother order this.  She is 77 years old and is the main caregiver to my 88 yrs old step father Ed. My mother Mary loves and uses almond butter everyday and gives it to my step father too. They also are big fans of olive oil so I am hoping that they use and love all of your products.  Thank you for honoring elders.
Mary Leininger
Fountain HIlls

What constitutes and a glorious elder?

I am old enough to join AARP, though I work a physically challenging job
and cannot see how any one can afford to retire. My daughter says I am
wise, yet there is always more to learn and there are areas in which I
choose to maintain ignorance. Your comment on intrinsic goodness, did
strike me. I truly believe that people are basically good, honest, and
giving and that you should treat others as you would like to be treated.
After all, on some level we are one. Needless to say, I am always surprised
when someone behaves other wise. Did I mention having some areas in which I
choose ignorance? Glorious? In my upbringing, all glory was reserved for
those with Y chromosomes. I was born with complete chromosomes, so my
existence isn’t and never was deemed glorious. Elder? The calendar says
probably, my mind says no, and my body just needs a bit more time and care
to keep up with my mind. So, what constitutes a glorious elder?

Kathryn Blankenship
Jupiter, Florida

I just wanted to tell you that I love the spirit of your company as well as your products I had the great pleasure to taste so far. We are not used to almond butter in Luxembourg but I didn’t need any time to get used to it…I loved it immediately. I’m sure that it’s not only the products but the love that has flown in them through the people doing their daily work in respect and love for mother nature and all her children. I shed some tears when I read that you sent a gift package to one of your customers who wasn’t financially able to buy the products she wanted. It makes my heart sing when I hear about things like that. Thank you from all my heart and never give up this way of being.

Gerda by the way, I’m 67 and I like the expression of “glorious elder” 🙂

Glorious Elder? Feeling like a kid on your products!

Orchids & More

Rita Johnson
Lecanto, Florida

Yes, I am a Glorious Senior finally learning that a simple diet of real, organic, natural food is absolutely the best thing I can do for myself. I feel fabulous (finally) after making this lifestyle change.
Christine Gordon
San Leandro, CA