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Yukon Gold Bee Pollen- Alive


**Sold In 5oz Jars**

Ingredients: Yukon Gold Alive Bee Pollen.



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Product Description

Our bee pollen is gathered by The Pollen Man! He humanely harvests his pollen from bees in the northern Yukon territories in Canada. This is a remote, pristine area; there are no paved roads and the bees gather pollen from wildflowers and fruit trees. The pollen is multi-colored and beautiful! The Pollen Man has developed a tool to gather pollen without harming the bees. He also uses onion and garlic water to prevent disease. This magnificent bee pollen is sun and air dried to retain nutrients. It is sure to delight you!

Bee pollen is the food of the young bee. It consists of forty percent protein and is considered to be a completely nourishing, extremely alkalizing, complete food. It boosts the immune system, increases energy, does wonders for aging skin and is extremely high in antioxidant activity.

Bee pollen is easy to incorporate into our daily lives. It has a rich flavor that can be added to fresh juices and smoothies or just eaten plain. It is best to start out with one tablespoon and increase if you desire.

Country of Origin: Canada

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1 review for Yukon Gold Bee Pollen- Alive

  1. Martin Dunn

    Hi, my products arrived yesterday. They are delightful. I put, bee pollen, ground flax seed and ground cocoa in my smoothie this morning and had the wild rice with coconut butter for dinner. Truly delicious! Next time I’ll add some of the bonus raisins you sent along.
    I know I will reorder these products from you again and look forward to trying many others.
    Martin Dunn

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