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Tomato (California Grown) – Dried Organic & Salt Free


**Sold In 1lb Increments**

Ingredients: Certified Organic Dried California Grown Tomatoes.



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Product Description

We are delighted to offer you a tomato grown in California and free of salt. Not sulfured.

The tomatoes are dehydrated for 1-8 hours at 180F. If the day time temperature is greater than 100F and humidity is low, then this step is skipped. The tomatoes are dried in the sun for 1-4 days. They are then dried at ambient temperature for an additional 3-10 days.

We suggest soaking overnight. Pour off the soak water, then rinse in a strainer under a faucet. Toss into salads or pasta! Place them around a bowl of Living Tree Alive Olive Oil as a dip. Your friends will delight in these hors d’oeuvres.

Country of Origin: USA

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1 review for Tomato (California Grown) – Dried Organic & Salt Free

  1. Martha Morales

    The olive and sesame oils – mwaaah! Never tasted anything like them and they leave a long-lasting sweet taste to savor. What a treat! And here’s another one I discovered: tomato and olive “martini”. I soak the sun-dried tomatoes and olives in spring water (got it!) for a few hours and after removing them, drink the soaking water from a martini glass.
    Martha Morales

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