Streaker Barley Flakes – Organic and Oregon Grown

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Organic Barley Flakes
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Toasty, nutty, and high in soluble fiber, Streaker Barley Flakes are perfect in any recipe where rolled oats are called for. A hearty and flavorful alternative to oatmeal in your favorite breakfast foods, granolas, or cookies.

To make a delicious warm breakfast cereal, use a ratio of 2:1 water to rolled barley and cook for 8-10 minutes.

The name “Streaker” was chosen because it describes the naked (hull-less) characteristics of the variety.  The variety does not require de-hulling after harvest as the hull comes off in the combine during harvest.

Our Organic Streaker Barley Flakes are high in soluble fiber, containing barley gluten – not wheat gluten – therefore are low on the glycemic index in relation to other grains.  Our Streaker Barley Flakes are said to be a more filling breakfast than oast and each flake keeps its chewy texture and integrity when cooked.  Enjoy our Organic Streaker Barley Flakes in baken goods, breakfast cereals or anywhere oats are called for.

Country of Origin: USA

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The newest addition to my baking! Works great in my raw cookies and standard bakes. Highly recommend.