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Pistachios (In Shell) – Alive & Organic


**Sold In 1lb Increments**

Ingredients: Certified Organic In Shell Pistachios.



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Product Description

By offering pistachios in their shells, we are affording you a considerable savings.Since they are natural splits, you can open and remove the shells with your fingers-its almost fun.
These alive pistachios are a beautiful bouquet of colors!

Grown by family farmers in the fertile,alluvial soil of California’s wondrous Central Valley.

The pistachio is the most nutrient dense of all the nuts, containing high quantities of B essential nutrients, thiamin, vitamin B6, potassium, and lutein. The pistachio is an anti-oxident powerhouse. Pistachios are also among those nuts with the highest fiber–supplying 12% of the daily recommended amount in just one ounce. In addition to all these benefits, the pistachio is a low fat and low calorie food compared to other nuts, containing just 3 calories each–and you won’t be able to eat too many since each one must be shelled.

Country of Origin: USA

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