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Hazelnuts – Organic and Grown by American Family Farmers


**Sold In 8oz Increments**

Ingredients: Certified Organic Whole Hulled Hazelnuts.



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Product Description

Grown by American Family Farmers.

Our Organic Raw Hazelnuts are grown on a family farm in Aurora, Oregon named Meridian Orchards. Meridian Orchard is a beautiful 80-acre Organic orchard filled with regal hazelnut trees. Owner, Jim Birkemeier, continues to pioneer unique natural methods for attaining high-quality, Organic hazelnuts and for strengthening the disease resistance of the trees.

Oregon’s hazelnut shellers have decided to require pasteurization of all hazelnut kernels processed in their facilities and subsequently sold as raw nuts. Hummingbird sells Organic Oregon-grown hazelnuts that have been pasteurized through a steam pasteurization process. These hazelnuts have been steam pasteurized at a maximum temperature of 200°F.

Hazelnuts are great for snacking or trail mixes; use them in baking and confections; dice them up and sprinkle on salads or ice cream. Enjoy this Organic delight grown in the beautiful state of Oregon.

Hazelnuts are valued for their pleasant flavor but did you know they are one of the most nutritious nuts? Hazelnuts are a rich source of dietary fiber, vitamin E, magnesium, and heart healthy B vitamins.

Not only are hazelnuts a high-quality source of protein and fiber, they also contain a variety of antioxidants such as vitamin E.
Smart Source of Energy Healthy Fats
An excellent source of energy and a good provider of unsaturated fats or good fats. Hazelnuts are one of the best nut sources of heart healthy monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) per serving, and hazelnuts have the lowest percentage of saturated fat (along with pinenuts and almonds).

Country of Origin: USA

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We invite you to meet the magnificent people who grow your hazelnuts. There is so much life at the grass roots of this America.