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Almond Hazelnut Chocolate – Alive & Organic


**Sold in 8oz Jars**
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Organic Hazelnuts, Organic Almonds, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cacao, Organic Vanilla, Organic Honey, Organic Dates, Organic Olive Oil and Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt.




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Product Description

A delightfully rich hazelnut spread. We suggest using as a topping on desserts or fruit slices. Imagine an ecstatic filling for Medjool dates!

Created, with devotion, in Berkeley, California, a wellspring of rebirth and renewal.


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All of us chocolate lovers take note that this Living Tree alive organic creation is NOT chocolate as we know it. It is an absolutely sensual, smoothly spreadable and melt-in-our-mouths nut butter that we can indulge in spoonfuls to satiate that physical hunger for sustenance and emotional craving for that ANY-TIME sweet delight. The tropical aroma of coconut oil catches my senses when I slowly twist the top open. I inhale deeply in the jar. I knew then that I would fall in love with this more than chocolate CHOCOLATE! What I notice next is the cacao and hazelnut fervently competing to take second place in this complexly rich flavored concoction. Dates and almonds modestly take their third place, but their presence will not be overlooked. Do give this Living Tree creation a try. It is an experience worth having over and over again.

3 reviews for Almond Hazelnut Chocolate – Alive & Organic

  1. Barbara Shevkun

    My two Favs are Hazelnut Cloud and Pistachio Butter, one jar of the Cloud I ate straight from the jar. What an awesome blend of flavors. I have to create another recipe for you with that…if only I could stop eating it all up as is!!!!
    Blessings and light, Barbara
    (Barbara Shevkun is a master live food chef.We invite you to visit her website

  2. Bunny

    “For many years I’ve been a fan of the creative nut butter blends you’ve come up with. I’ve tried them all, and Milk of Paradise was always my favorite. Well, move over Milk of Paradise! My new love is Hazelnut Cloud. It has everything I adore beginning with cacao which is married to hazelnuts, almonds, and vanilla for a rich chocolatey flavor that has me obsessing, waiting with baited breath until I can sneak another spoonful. I was a bit worried that the honey would cause a blood sugar spike, but it doesn’t. I’m able to enjoy something sweet that’s also loaded with antioxidants, chia seeds, and the Living Tree Community love-vibe. You’ve outdone yourselves. Put Hazelnut Cloud in a gallon jar, and I’ll buy it!”

    San Francisco

  3. Donna

    Thanks so much for the gift of Hazelnut Cloud! This is aweome!! I’m hooked!!! Blessings!

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