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Coconut Oil 1 Gallon Glass Jar – Alive & Organic


**Sold In 1 Gallon Glass Jar**

Ingredients: Certified Organic Raw Coconut Oil.


Product Description

Available in 16oz. or one gallon, 128oz. glass jar at a considerable saving.

Living Tree Raw Organic Coconut Oil is made from fresh coconuts. The flesh is chopped and placed in an expeller press. The temperature of the coconut flesh and the emulsion does not exceed room temperature. The coconut milk emulsion has the water “spun” out of the oil using a centrifuge.

This is the only method of extraction that requires no heat at all. This virgin coconut oil is creamy and the smooth. It has a very mild taste. Melts in your mouth like a delicious candy. Very low moisture contents and a very long shelf life.

“Coconut products modulate the thyroid. They help us produce sex hormones, which we know now are actually health hormones…protective effect on our nervous system. The best form of that is the coconut cream… if we can do 2 to 4 tablespoons of that a day thats very important and helpful to drive off the radiation from our thyroid..gets the thyroid functioning a little bit more effectively…Tastes absolutely delicious and something you are going to want even more tablespoons of a day.”

–David Wolfe

Country of Origin: Philippines

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