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Cashew Butter 16oz – Organic

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**Sold in 16oz Jars**
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Ingredients: Organic Cashews, Organic Almond Oil.




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Product Description

This Cashew Butter is sweet and creamy. It’s made from Organic Cashews and our raw Organic Almond Oil. It’s perfect with when paired with cucumbers, celery or even peppers. It’s also a great topping for fruits and desserts. What a delightful way to add some variety to your lunches!

Country of Origin: USA

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11 reviews for Cashew Butter 16oz – Organic

  1. Sara (verified owner)

    I found your cashew and walnut butters and they are amazing!
    Please never stop making your walnut butter especially.
    Thank you,

  2. Norma

    This organic cashew butter is AMAZING! It’s the best cashew butter I’ve ever tasted (and I’ve tasted many). Its organic, it has only two ingredients – organic cashews and organic almond oil. There is nothing artificial or processed. It is smooth and creamy; perfect for spreading on fruit, toast, or eating straight from the jar. I plan to make a garlic jalapeno sauce/ dip with it.
    Thank you Living Tree Community Foods for making the cleanest and most delicious foods.

  3. Heather Heyn

    I contacted Living Tree Community for some samples of their products because I have seen so many wonderful products that they have and heard that they are truly wonderful…Yesterday when I got home I got a package. When I opened the package I saw that I had gotten 1 jar of raw almond butter, one jar of raw cashew butter and a jar of Tahini. I freaked!!! I opened up the jar of raw cashew butter and I wont lie….I dipped my finger right in…WOW. I couldn’t believe this. Now I will say this, I have tried cashew butter from another company and I didn’t like it…It didn’t taste at all like cashews. When I tasted this one though it was like getting a hand full of cashews and chewing them right up. You know what I like most about this butter??? There was only one ingredient. JUST ONE. CASHEWS. No oil, nothing. I smiled and kept eating it. Then I had to say to myself “Heather, you have almond butter and these cals will add up fast!”
    Heather Heyn

  4. Barbara Henrioulle

    I just received my order. I just want to say Wow! I’ve been getting cashew butter and almond butter for a long time from another company and I’ve never tasted anything as good as what arrived in the mail. Thank you so much. There’s a world of difference.
    Barbara Henrioulle
    Nevada City, California

  5. Patrick Breuer

    Several days ago I received all the items I purchased from your community. I would just like to tell you that your cashew butter and almond butter are the best nut butters in the world. I don’t want to sound as if I am over exaggerating, but by far they are the best I have ever tasted. Please keep up the great work. I will definitely return as a customer in the future. It has such a delicate taste, absolutely wonderful. I will even try the almond milk recipe you have on the glass.
    P.S. Your cashews, pistachios and almonds are great as well.
    Thank you again for your delivery and sound packaging.
    Patrick Breuer

  6. Francois-Hugues Laprais

    Your nut butters are absolutely outstanding. I simply LOVE them and share them with my family and friends. It’s a real JOY to taste them every morning. Also before and after a long bike ride, nothing is more fulfilling and delicious! Long life to the Living Tree!
    You guys should get awards, tax cuts, etc. for helping people eat better, healthier and even tastier.
    Also, every time the staff had to call me for an order or something, they were outstanding, helpful and very nice.
    Thanks a lot!
    Francois-Hugues Laprais
    Menlo Park, California

  7. Kathryn and Baby Claire

    I am a nursing mom (and also a yoga instructor).
    For the last few years I have looked for cashew and almond butter. Always I would get home, taste it; it would have that terrible burnt, dead taste. At any rate, since I started nursing I have been craving cashew butter. Today I went to the store determined to find it.
    I have just had a spoonful of your delicious cashew nut butter and love it. (I had been eating a lot of sweets lately because I have been craving rich sweet things… and feeling sort of yucky because of it.)
    I hope your company is thriving! I went through a jar of the raw almond butter too.
    Thank you so much.
    Kathryn and Baby Claire

  8. Mary Jane Postiglione

    Oh my gosh. I just tried the Cashew butter it is incredible by itself!! I just a had a spoonful. I can’t believe it is all natural. I love it and I am sure I will be buying from you for a while. I am going to tell all of my friends.
    Thank you for making such a delicious product!!
    I meant to also tell you that I am following an all natural organic diet that involves a lot of nuts, vegetables and fruits. My Dr. actually gave me your web address and told me you were the best for REAL nut butters. I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I am positive with the addition of your foods into my daily diet it will help with my fatigue. I mean I literally looked everywhere for dried fruits without sugar and nut butters without oils… it doesn’t’ exist except through you. Just simply amazing and fresh!!
    As I continue to add more variety to my foods I will continue to place orders. I can not wait to try them all! These products are in a class of their own!
    Thank you!
    Mary Jane Postiglione
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia

  9. Jinjee and Storm

    Living Tree Community Foods has the best cashew butter right now! With a little honey mixed in it tastes just like white chocolate!!!
    In Health,
    Jinjee and Storm
    Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education

  10. Gabrielle Pell

    Today is a happy day, as I have just received my order.
    I have been an absolute fan of your cashew butter (best on this planet) and now I have tasted your delightful pecan butter and love it.
    You also put a smile on my face when I opened the box and discovered the ‘bonus’ package of trail mix. It’s nice to know that a customer’s order is valued enough to do such a simple, yet delicious gesture. Thank you!
    Gabrielle Pell

  11. Kathy

    I LOVE your products. I am a natural food chef and the family I worked for used your products and I very much appreciate a quality product. I teach a curriculum to help transition people to a nutrient dense diet through whole foods. Your products are amazing. I am waiting for the cashew butter to go on sale because it is unsurpassed! I am also grateful that you do the sourcing and quality control as I do also source from local and even national locations but I don’t always have the time. It can be one stop shopping. Thank you for your awesome products and commitment to quality. From someone who works in the business of food, I truly appreciate it. Warm Regards,

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