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California Olives – Organic & Sundried

$15.99 $14.39

**Sold In 11oz Jars**

Ingredients: Certified Organic Sundried Olives.



Product Description

These California grown black olives are a tasty addition to salads. Cured in salt and then sundried and rolled in extra virgin olive oil. Contains sea salt, organic spices, olive oil.  These olives contain pits.

These olives are grown for you by the Makela family. They arrived in California in 1778. Decades later, in 1855, their Great, Great Grandfather, Jules Goux, planted the first commercial olive grove. Today, the tradition continues with the tenth generation who are still growing organic olives on their family’s fertile land.

Country of Origin: USA

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2 reviews for California Olives – Organic & Sundried

  1. Barbara Kessler Shevkun

    Hi Jesse,
    I just received my package from LTC and wanted to thank you. I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with the sundried olives..and they came just in time to put on my pizza for the potluck tomorrow…and hopefully get good light to photograph for the book.
    Thank you so very much for everything. Your products are the very best! I always smile when I walk into a store and see your brand on the shelf..feels like family.
    Thank you so much, Jesse,
    Warmest Wishes,
    [Barbara Kessler Shevkun is a master Live Food Chef We urge you to visit her website]

  2. Lanie

    Just arrived today and the olives are INCREDIBLE!!! Am going to your website now to order more. Thanks for your prompt response… and everything else you do.
    Blessings and peace,

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