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Black Sesame Tahini – Alive & Organic

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**Sold in 8oz Jars**
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Ingredients: Organic Black Sesame Seeds, Black Sesame Oil made from our Black Sesame Seeds.




Product Description

Our Organic Raw Black Sesame Tahini is a glorious, shining black. Made from organic UNHULLED black sesame seeds.The taste is profoundly sesame – robust and enlivening. This is our original creation (others have since tried to copy it). We presented it to the organic food industry at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, California in March 2003. People were delighted, they called it “caviar”!

An excellent source of calcium.

Astonish your friends with:-

Black Sesame Hummus
2 medium zucchini, chopped
2-5 garlic cloves
6-10 pitted Living Tree Sundried Olives
1/4 cup Living Tree Olive Oil
1/2 cup lemon juice
2-3 tsp. Celtic sea salt
1/4 tsp. cayenne
Blend above ingredients till smooth
Add 3/4 cup Living Tree Black Sesame Seeds, soaked (soak for 1-3 hours)
Blend till smooth
Blend in 3/4 cup Living Tree Black Tahini
Garnish with parsley and paprika. Serve with celery sticks or cucumber slices, etc.
Adapted from a recipe by Master Live food Chef Matt Samuelson of Watsonville, California

Country of Origin: USA

For Educational Purposes Only:
Black Sesame Seeds: A Natural Remedy for Grey Hair + 10 Amazing Health Benefits

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11 reviews for Black Sesame Tahini – Alive & Organic

  1. Pamela Rumel

    I want you to know how very much I am enjoying every delicious food I have purchased from you! I have been sharing with everyone I know. My daughter and her family were here visiting from Illinois this week. My granddaughter is an athlete and also a vegetarian. I will be sending her many of your foods next month when she returns to school. I made a tabbouleh like salad with sprouted quinoa. It was marvelous. I did a bowtie pasta with your spectacular pistachio pesto. I made hummus with the black tahini and organic black beans and of course your marvelous olive oil.
    Thank you for all that you do and your commitment to the health and well being of all of us.
    Pamela Rumel

  2. Haruga Chaumont

    I recently purchased the black sesame tahini and it was delightfully compulsive. The almond butter is unlike any other I’ve ever tried. My sister is expecting her first baby in a couple of weeks, and has fallen in love with your nut butters, especially the cashew, which I am ordering for her. Thank you for all the wonderful products you provide!
    Haruga Chaumont

  3. Glen Hudson

    Just want to tell you that I am fully enjoying the Organic Almond Butter and the Organic Raw Black Sesame Tahini that I ordered and received from you early this month. The Almond Butter is the freshest, sweetest and best-tasting I have even eaten. For several years I have eaten organic almond butter frequently, but I have never had any as good. Never before had I eaten black sesame seeds or tahini. The main benefit I enjoy from yours is the apparent high content of calcium. The freshness and palatability are especially pleasing. Yesterday I received your bulletin about the requirement to pasteurize organic almonds, which I regret is happening. I do hope better methods will be developed quickly.
    Thank you for your excellent products and your dedication and commitment to make them available. I buy and eat organic foods almost exclusively and am glad to have found yours.
    Glen Hudson

  4. Francois-Hugues Laprais

    Your nut butters are absolutely outstanding. I simply LOVE them and share them with my family and friends. It’s a real JOY to taste them every morning. Also before and after a long bike ride, nothing is more fulfilling and delicious! Long life to the Living Tree! You guys should get awards, tax cuts, etc. for helping people eat better, healthier and even tastier. Also, every time the staff had to call me for an order or something, they were outstanding, helpful and very nice. Thanks a lot!

    Francois-Hugues Laprais
    Menlo Park, California

  5. Sara Pettitt L.Ac.

    I can feel the vitality in your nut butters. I have eaten other organic raw butters but yours make my body happy. I can feel it the minute I eat it (no wonder we over- eat as a nation, the food we eat is not vital). I started with the Black Sesame Tahini which is for Kidney energy in Chinese medicine and now I am enjoying Milk of Paradise
    I am an acupuncturist.

    Sara Pettitt L.Ac.
    Pacific Acupuncture and Wellness Center

  6. Stephanie Fairbanks

    And let me tell you how HAPPY I am to have found your black tahini!!! I can’t stop eating it! Its so delicious that I can’t stop! The only other thing that gives me the same euphoric taste sensation is the avocado, but I think your black tahini might have even topped the avocado in my book! Amazing! I’m in love!
    Stephanie Fairbanks
    Cardiff by the Sea, California

  7. Natalie

    I discovered your organic unhulled raw black tahini in a store in LA. It’s fabulous. I like it, my body likes it.

  8. Amanda Herrington

    I am now trying to conceive so plan to soon place an order for Maca powder and have started eating your wonderful Raw Black Sesame (an accupuncturist told me it can increase fertility!).
    Thank you again for the highest quality (and beautiful packaging too)!
    Amanda Herrington
    Pasadena, California

  9. Stephanie K.


    I bought a jar of your regular tahini, and it immediately became my favorite. But, no longer! I decided to try your black tahini for its increased nutrient profile and was amazed at the flavor and creaminess of it. I’ve have tried other brands of both regular and black raw tahini and yours is in a class by itself. I like it especially in a smoothie made with coconut water, carob/cacao, bananas and mesquite, or one with water, ground flax, bananas and grapefruit. I also love ‘regular’ hummus made with home-cooked organic garbanzos (all other ingredients being raw) and can’t wait to try your black tahini in that. Thanks for this amazing product.

    Sincerely yours,
    Stephanie K.

  10. Leslie, The Organic Gourmet

    The black tahini was beyond delicious and the Moroccan Tahini Dressing we made with it was one of the highlights of one of our workshop meals; the raw tahini and olive oil were new to many folks in my workshops and since they took home your literature, I am sure that you will be getting repeat customers.

    Thanks again for your support for my workshops!

    All the best,
    Leslie, The Organic Gourmet

  11. Kabir

    Hello, I was wondering would you consider sesame seeds an anti aging food even more than fruits, the reason why I ask , is whenever I eat the seeds on a consistent basis, my face feels smooth; my hair grows quicker, and my nails grow at an incredible rate.


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