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Our Way

At Living Tree Community we believe that vibrant good health is a combination of many subtle elements including alive food, intermittent fasting, vigorous exercise, restful sleep, organic gardening, fulfilling creative activity and loving relationships based on appreciation and respect.

arnold_ehretAlive Foods
Our mentors include Professor Arnold Ehret. He was the first great teacher of alive nutrition in the United States. He came to California in the early 20’s. We will always recall our interview with Fred Hirsch in this regard. He told how Professor Ehret healed him from a serious illness. Fred noticed a tiny ad in the Classifieds in a Los Angeles paper. Professor Ehret was going to give a talk on nutrition. Fred attended the lecture and walked up to Professor Ehret afterwards and asked him if he could help him.

Ehret in turn asked Fred if he would be willing to undergo a fast. Fred agreed. He rented a room in a hotel and began a fast on water. Ehret visited him every day. It was a prolonged and rigorous ordeal. Fred emerged from it healed and renewed. He dedicated the rest of his life to publishing Ehret’s works in inexpensive editions, accessible to all (we recall how in the 70’s it was possible to go into a natural foodstore in southern California and buy a book by Ehret for a dollar or two).

Ehret’s Mucusless Healing System and his Rational Fasting are milestone’s in humankind’s search for health and healing.

Our other mentor has been Dr. Kirschner. Years ago we came across his classic Nature’s Healing Grasses. Amidst the drear and conformity of the 50’s, he conceived of a wonderful way of healing by preparing “green drinks” in a blender.

dr_kirschnerHe would take wild plants like purslane, malva and lambs quarters, put them in a blender with spring water and blend. He was getting excellent results, in treating people with serious illness. His book is still available on and we recommend it.

We follow a live food diet with at least one green drink each day. We also fast for a day each week, drinking only water. We break our fast on live, organic fruits and vegetables.

On one special day each week, the Sabbath, in addition to live food, we eat some cooked food, especially bread and wine.

This combination of green drinks and fasting works well for us.

Vigorous Exercise
Each morning we begin with stretches and engage in calisthenics. We recommend martial arts both for discipline and growth of spirit.

Restful Sleep
It is rightly said that Americans are deprived of adequate sleep. We strongly recommend adequate rest, an essential to rejuvenation.

Creative and Productive Activity
We feel that every person has a basic need to engage in creative activity. Everyone needs work that is not only remunerative but is fulfilling. This is as much a need as for alive food. Soul satisfying work is a necessity.

Organic Gardening
We believe that everyone ought to have the privilege of garden plot. Even the smallest plot can be productive. So many brothers and sisters have developed intensive gardening into an art.
There is so much literature available. If you live in an apartment there is usually a community garden nearby. Remember that a compost pile is a digestive organ of the garden. We invite you to give yourself the satisfaction of composting those carrot tops and banana peels. The resulting humus is fragrant and will give life to your garden and to you.

Loving Relations
As one follows a live food diet, after a while one’s spiritual sensitivity improves. One can anticipate a situation or event or someone’s attitude. When the phone rings is it a call of praise or a bill collector? As one’s spiritual sensitivity improves so does one’s opening to subtle vibrations of love. One becomes more discerning and quickly sees which relationship can be potentially enhancing or damaging. One feels more of a sense of unity with all living things and with everything that enhances life.

This is the Way we have evolved over decades. We would very much appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Here is a video that exemplifies our threefold way.


Green Drinks, Intermittent Fasting and Vigorous Exercise – Our Threefold Way
Jesse Schwartz, Ph.D.
Living Tree Community Foods