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Newsletter October 15, 2018:

Video: Grow Your Own Micro-greens

Dear brothers and sisters,

We urge you to get planting this Autumn with micro greens. Think of it! It is entirely possible to grow bountiful greens right in your kitchen.

Even in an apartment or condo you can be alive and organic! All you need is some potting soil, a plastic tray and a window sill and you’re in business! Our pleasure to guide you through. Watch the video!

Please accept our best wishes for good health prosperity and success to you and family.

Jesse Schwartz PhD
Living Tree Community Foods


Vegans, Ranchers and Regenerators Unite: Why Fake Meat and Eliminating Livestock Are Really Bad Ideas

Dear brothers and sisters,

Ronnie Cummins with the Organic Consumers Association tells us,“Industrialized farming is responsible for a large share of today’s air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, rising carbon emissions and the depletion, erosion and poisoning of soils.”
Moreover factory farming is responsible for the raising of animals in unspeakably atrocious conditions. There is no precedent in history for “contained animal feeding operations” where animals are crowded together in filth and fetid air.

Now there are those who propose that the growing of meat in laboratories would be a solution. We believe this is woefully misguided. In our opinion, anyone who believes that genetically engineered “meat” grown in chemical soup
is a viable alternative to the cattle industry is laboring under a delusion.

We feel privileged to present to you a magnificent article by Ronnie Cummins on artificial meat.He is a tireless champion of organic farming and adversary of those who seek to undermine it. We invite you to visit the Organic Consumers Association website.

Jesse Schwartz PhD
Living Tree Community Foods

(Organic Consumers) Industrial agriculture is one of the most unsustainable practices of modern civilization. The “bigger is better” food system has reached a point where its real costs have become readily apparent. Like water running down an open drain, the earth’s natural resources are disappearing quickly, as industrialized farming drives air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, rising carbon emissions and the depletion, erosion and poisoning of soils. The long-term answer, however, lies in the transition to sustainable, regenerative, chemical-free farming practices, not in the creation of food manufacturing techniques that replace farms with chemistry labs, which is the “environmentally friendly” alternative envisioned by biotech startups and its chemists., July 18, 2018

As a campaigner for organic and regenerative food, and a critic of fast food, GMOs and factory farms for 40-plus years, I am alarmed and disgusted by the degenerate state of food and farming in the United States. The collective actions of some misguided farmers, together with ignorant and corrupt public officials, greedy investors and food corporations, and mindless consumers are destroying personal and public health, and the health of the environment, including climate stability. What amounts to our “Fast Food Nation,” through everyday food production practices and food choices, is rapidly degrading our planet’s life-support systems.

Whether we’re talking about our food-related public health emergency or the fact that our chemical- and fossil fuel-intensive industrial agriculture system is belching out 43 percent – 57 percent of the greenhouse gas pollution that has dangerously destabilized our climate, corporate America’s trillion-dollar, taxpayer-subsidized system of industrial food and farming, represented most graphically by factory farms and feedlots, is killing us. Big Food Inc. has built its empire of chemical farmers, food processors and marketers by adopting a financial strategy predicated on the theory that maximizing short-term profits trumps all other considerations (health, economic justice, animal welfare, environment and climate stability), and by promoting the idea that convenient, cheap, artificially flavored fast food and commodities represent the pinnacle of modern agricultural production and consumption.

It’s time to disrupt and take down our suicide economy and our degenerate agricultural and food system. A good starting point is to join the growing consumer movement to boycott all meat, dairy and poultry products produced by the industrial factory farm system—not just at the grocery store, but also in restaurants. And not just occasionally, but every day.

Factory farms inhumanely confine, feed and drug 50 billion of the 70 billion farm animals on the planet. These animals are turned into meat which is supplied to fast-food chains like McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King, and to national and regional supermarket chains. The methods used to produce this cheap, artery-clogging meat and dairy are destroying our environment, climate and health. Combined, CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) and the GMO soybean and corn farms that supply them are the No. 1 source of water pollution in the U.S., as well as a major source of air pollution. Monsanto/Bayer’s GMO crops grown for CAFO animal feed are the No. 1 destroyer of grasslands and forest in the Amazon basin and other areas.

U.S. and international factory farm meat and dairy operations are also major drivers of global warming and climate change. They spew out massive amounts of CO2, methane and nitrous oxide emissions into the atmosphere from giant feedlots, hog and chicken complexes, manure lagoons and the chemical-intensive, GMO grain farms, heavily subsidized with taxpayer dollars, that supply “CAFO Nation” with millions of tons of animal feed every year.

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Recipe: Carob Covered Raisins

by Master Live Food Chef Barbara Kessler of Rawfully Tempting

Carob Covered Raisins Ingredients

• 1 cup cacao butter, melted
• 2T coconut oil, melted
• 3T coconut sugar, ground
• 3T almond flour
• 1/8 t mesquite powder
• 4 drops Medicine Flower caramel extract, optional
• 1 drop Medicine Flower coffee extract, optional
• 1/8 t Himalayan salt
• 7T carob powder
• 3 cups raisins

Melt cacao butter over bowl of hot water or in dehydrator.
Add coconut oil and melt. Transfer to mixing bowl.
Add ground coconut sugar and whisk.
Whisk in remaining ingredients.

Add raisins and mix well, coating each raisin in mixture.

Pour into a colander, over a bowl to catch excess cacao mixture. Add more raisins, and repeat for excess mixture.

Spread onto a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper. Separate them so not clumped and freeze for 20 minutes.

Remove from freezer, separate raisins, and store in airtight container, in freezer or refrigerator.

Featured October Sale: Tahini 16oz – Alive & Organic

Tahini is for Hummus!

20% Off! $14.39 (was $17.99)

Sale ends Monday October 29th.

Tahini breaks out as a Mainstream Ingredient, as consumers look for more unique foods to try. Use it in alive pies, yogurt bars and smoothies. Think of tahini date cookies; combine with cooked chickpeas for hummus, combine with honey for halva.

Made from alive, organic sesame seeds grown by Mexican family farmers. We make our tahini slowly, over several days; we slice, we do not grind.

We use mechanically hulled sesame seeds

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How to Make Hummus

(Mercola) One of the most endearing foods in Middle Eastern cuisine that has become popular worldwide is hummus. It is literally the Arabic word for chickpea, one of the main ingredients used to make this tasty dip. Other components of hummus include olive oil, garlic, tahini, lemon juice and salt.

The actual origin of the dish has been lost in the passage of time, and several countries have claimed that they invented hummus. Egypt and Greece, for example, were major trading partners during ancient times, which led to both of them greatly utilizing hummus in their cooking. Regardless of who made it, the whole world now enjoys hummus because it’s easy to make, tastes great and can be paired with many foods.

What Is Hummus?

Hummus is essentially a dip that is a popular fixture in Middle Eastern cuisine. Its core ingredients are chickpeas, tahini (sesame seed paste), olive oil, garlic and salt blended together to create a creamy texture. For adventurous people, more ingredients are added to modify the flavor to suit their personal preference.

However, a caveat when it comes to eating hummus is that it may contain lectins, as it’s primarily made using beans. Lectins are sugar-binding plant proteins that attach to your cell membranes, and have been proven to be associated with inflammatory or autoimmune conditions. The good news is there are ways to minimize the effects of lectins in beans so you can enjoy this dip — more about this later.

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Alive, Organic Bonus Program – Heritage Olive Oil and Free Shipping

New! Items For October

Macadamia Nut Butter – Alive & Organic

Our Organic Macadamia Butter has a rich, milky flavor that will delight your tastebuds.





Brazil Nut Butter – Alive & Organic

Our rich and exotic Brazil nuts will amaze you with their power-packed nutrients. The Brazil nut is the most potent known food source of Selenium, an immensely beneficial mineral found in the soil. Eating only one to two Brazil nuts per day can provide all of the selenium one needs!

Brazil nuts grow in the rain forests of Amazonia and are gathered by native peoples there. The Brazil nut tree is enormous, reaching a height of 100 to 150 feet or more and can live a long life of 500 to 800 years! The trees grow very slowly, taking as long as 10 to 30 years before producing nuts. All Brazil nuts are wildcrafted as the tree can not be domesticated.




Brazil Nuts (Whole) – Alive & Wildcrafted

The Brazil nut grows in the rain forests of Amazonia and is gathered by native people. The Brazil nut tree is enormous, reaching a height of 100 to 150 feet or more. It can also live a long life of 500 to 800 years. (The trees grow very slowly, taking as long as 10 to 30 years before producing nuts.) All Brazil nuts are wildcrafted, the tree can not be domesticated.

Brazil nuts are rich and creamy, and similar in texture to coconut.




Jujubes – Alive, Organic Chinese Date Apples

Ziziphus jujuba Chinese date apples are here! Experience their refreshingly pleasant flavor. They’ve been cultivated in China for more than 4,000 years. Jujubes are red outside with a crispy texture, edible skin, and a sweet-tart flavor. Grown for you by Judith Redmond with Full Belly Farms, an outstanding family farmer here in California.

Jujuberries contain a wide array of nutrients, including magnesium, potassium, copper, niacin, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, and iron. They contain 20 times more vitamin C than any citrus fruit, strengthening the immune system and fighting infections, which may be why they’ve been used medicinally for millennia in many cultures, as a tea for sore throat, for example.


Black Cumin Seed – Organic

Black Cumin (Nigella Sativa) is a powerful medicinal plant and the oil is a concentrated essence.The healing properties of the seeds have been regarded as a cure-all down through the ages. They have been found in Egyptian tombs.

The seeds contain over 100 chemical compounds, including oleic acid, linolenic acid, protein, Vitamin B, calcium, zinc, and iron. They have been used to heal upset stomachs, colds, infections, and fatigue, boost immunity, and help with other ailments.




Hawaiian Native Forest Honey – Alive & Organic

Our Native Forest Honey is alive with beneficial enzymes and intact grains of pollen and propolis.. Its rich, slightly fruity taste and silk texture complement, but don’t overwhelm, other flavors and ingredients. Its taste reflects the bouquet of tropical blossoms whose nectar the bees collect as they forage in high-elevation forests and valleys. A sonata with high notes of floral and fruit.

Gathered by a family of two generations of beekeepers. They tell us: Both our philosophy about working with the bees, which we regard as a partnership, and our organic regulations ensure that we interject ourselves as little as possible into the daily activities of the bees and allow them to do what they do so superbly. Hawai’i’s lush and varied vegetation, available year-round, provides the variety and supply of pollens, nectars and propolis that are ideal for bee health.

Do not feed honey to infants under one year of age.


October Victory Garden Sale

10% off this month’s featured items (Remember, if you buy 3 or more of any Living Tree manufactured product, you get an additional 10% off!)

Coconut Butter – Alive & Organic

Our alive coconut butter is created from organic coconuts. Savor its fragrance. Ponder its luxuriant, rich,creamy texture.

Try it on fruit slices. Goes so well with sliced dates,figs and raisins.




Cashew Butter 16oz – Organic

This Cashew Butter is sweet and creamy. It’s made from Organic Cashews and our raw Organic Almond Oil. It’s perfect with when paired with cucumbers, celery or even peppers. It’s also a great topping for fruits and desserts. What a delightful way to add some variety to your lunches!




Eight Fruit Heirloom Olive Oil 250ml – Alive & Organic

Experience the taste of primal California, with this deliciously light oil created from eight heirloom olive varieties – Arbosana, Sevillano, Lucca, Frantoio, Mission, Arbequina, Manzanillo and Intrana. The result is an oil with a mild, smooth buttery profile.

Eight Fruit Olive Oil is created for you by the Makela family. They arrived in California in 1778. Decades later, in 1855, their Great, Great Grandfather, Jules Goux, planted the first commercial olive grove. Today, the tradition continues with the tenth generation who are still growing organic olives on their family’s fertile land and making a magnificent olive oil.


Ohi’a Lehua Blossom Hawaiian Honey

We invite you to plunge back to sun – filled days of times long past with the lilting, floral flavor of the essence of Ohi’a Lehua blossoms.

A white honey, delightfully thick and spreadable.

Mix with almond or cashew butter and spread on a slice of apple for an ecstatic experience.

Our Ohia Lehua Honey is gathered by a family devoted to beekeeping.




We Welcome Investors

Demand for organic food is booming. Last year sales of organic products jumped 11% to more than $39 billion. Also, the number of US organic farmers and processors has grown by 250% since 2002, when the natural organic program began. Indeed, organic food production has more than tripled since that time.

Thanks to your kind support, we too are growing. We wish to hire more teamworkers and to purchase tools and equipment. We are seeking long term, stable capital. If taking a strategic position in the organic food industry appeals to you, let’s talk!

Jesse Schwartz, PhD
Living Tree Community Foods

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