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Newsletter September 12, 2018:

Video: From Historic Apple Trees to Almond Butter – Our Journey

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this video we reflect upon our journey from apple trees to almond butter.We also discuss why its more important than ever to grow as much of your food yourself.

Please accept our best wishes for good health prosperity and success to you and family.

Jesse Schwartz PhD
Living Tree Community Foods

Almond Butter ICEBOX PIE

by Pretty Pies

What does this taste like? Is it vanilla FUDGE? Is it creamy caramel? Is it ICE CREAM?!

Yes, yes and YES! It has qualities of them ALL. I’ve never tasted anything like it. I’m in LOVE and I think you will love them, too.

So SIMPLE. Love. So DELICIOUS. Love. Vegan and Paleo AND adaptable to Keto, LOVE.

This recipe makes TEN individual servings that are PERFECT to stash in the freezer for a healthy treat whenever the mood strikes.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Passive Time 1 hour
Almond Crust:

1 1/2 cups almonds
3 Tbs coconut oil
generous pinch pink salt
1 tsp vanilla extract

Vanilla Almond Cream:

3/4 cup natural almond butter
1 13.7 oz can coconut milk, solid cream only 3/4 cup
3 Tbs light amber maple syrup or 25-35 drops vanilla stevia +3 T coconut milk for keto
2 Tbs vanilla extract
pinch pink salt
dark chocolate, sliced almonds and cacao nibs for garnish (use Lily’s sugar-free chocolate for keto)

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Featured Item: Cashew Butter 16oz – Organic

This Cashew Butter is sweet and creamy. It’s made from Organic Cashews and our raw Organic Almond Oil. It’s perfect with when paired with cucumbers, celery or even peppers. It’s also a great topping for fruits and desserts. What a delightful way to add some variety to your lunches!

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Back to School Lunch Suggestions – Alive & Organic

You might consider including in your back to school lunches:


Mango Cheeks – Alive & Organic

They are dried in an evaporative cooling system and the pulp temperature never exceeds 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Moist and Chewy. Very sweet.




Medjool Dates (California) – Sundried & Organic

Magnificent, large Medjool dates. Pack them along when traveling or hiking. Its easy to remove the pits and use for a wealth of culinary applications. Great addition to school lunches. What a wonderful gift idea! A farming family in southern California grows these majestic dates. You’ll be pleased with their quality.



Smyrna Figs – Sundried & Organic

The crop of Calimyrna Figs grown here in California was short this year and we quickly sold out. So we have brought you the same fig from Turkey where it is called Smyrna. It is highly prized as the skin is more tender than most figs and the oil in its fertilized seeds give it extra flavor. A glorious white fig. This is the fig you can’t stop eating. A handful are a meal in itself.



Bananas (Whole) – Dried & Organic

Magnificent, whole bananas. Just right to carry in your shoulder bag or backpack. Chewy and good! Sweet! A magnificent snack. Dried at 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Very stable at room temperature.




Alive, Organic Bonus Program – Heritage Olive Oil and Free Shipping

From a Glorious Elder

I recently discovered your products by purchasing Almond Butter at a store. That led me to your website where I discovered many many more products that appealed to me. I ordered persimmon and mango and they are delicious! I greatly appreciate your complimentary gift to geezers like me (75 yrs). New to CA I find it difficult to get by and it’s been a challenge to eat as I’ve been accustomed all my life-which is to say-healthful food. That’s why the bag of raisins meant so much to me. I expected a small sample so you can imagine my delight when I opened my box and saw that huge bag.

It will take me a while to eat all the goodies.

Many thanks for the company culture you foster and your generosity.


New! Items For September

Hawaiian Native Forest Honey – Alive & Organic

Our Native Forest Honey is alive with beneficial enzymes and intact grains of pollen and propolis.. Its rich, slightly fruity taste and silk texture complement, but don’t overwhelm, other flavors and ingredients. Its taste reflects the bouquet of tropical blossoms whose nectar the bees collect as they forage in high-elevation forests and valleys. A sonata with high notes of floral and fruit.

Gathered by a family of two generations of beekeepers. They tell us: Both our philosophy about working with the bees, which we regard as a partnership, and our organic regulations ensure that we interject ourselves as little as possible into the daily activities of the bees and allow them to do what they do so superbly. Hawai’i’s lush and varied vegetation, available year-round, provides the variety and supply of pollens, nectars and propolis that are ideal for bee health.

Do not feed honey to infants under one year of age.


Ohi’a Lehua Blossom Hawaiian Honey

We invite you to plunge back to sun – filled days of times long past with the lilting, floral flavor of the essence of Ohi’a Lehua blossoms.

A white honey, delightfully thick and spreadable.

Mix with almond or cashew butter and spread on a slice of apple for an ecstatic experience.

Our Ohia Lehua Honey is gathered by a family devoted to beekeeping.




Walnut Flour – Alive & Organic

We produce this alive, organic walnut flour from our California walnuts grown by Judith Redmond of Full Belly Farms. Rejoice in its moist, oily aliveness. We suggest that you combine with our alive, organic almond flour to create wonderful alive cookies and cakes. Combine with honey, chopped dates and raisins for an alive pie shell. You’ll think of many other creative uses!




Black Cumin Seed Flour – Alive & Organic

One of the earliest cultivated plants. Black Cumin Seeds, Nigella Sativa, have been used for healing for thousands of years. Highly regarded by practitioners of Chinese traditional medicine and Ayurveda.Black cumin supports the entire body.

The flour lends itself to so many uses. Imagine combining with almond flour and pumpkin seed flour. What cookies and confections you will make!




September Victory Garden Sale

10% off this month’s featured items (Remember, if you buy 3 or more of any Living Tree manufactured product, you get an additional 10% off!)

Pine Nut Butter – Alive & Organic

These pinenuts nuts are wildcrafted from trees in a pristine wilderness, the Siberian taiga. This is the most extensive virgin forest in the world. We invite you to experience the taste of the primordial!

Siberian pine nuts are quite different from the pine nuts you find in stores. The latter are imported from China and are a species of Korean pine nut, Pinus Koraiensus. Siberian pine nuts are a different species, Pinus Sibirica. They are the fruits of a majestic and beautiful tree.




Cashew Butter 8oz – Alive & Organic

Sundried cashews have been transformed into a butter that retains its quintessential cashew flavor. Try it on apple slices, celery sticks or a wedge of persimmon.




Golden Turmeric Butter – Alive & Organic

Beginning with turmeric, we have added raisins, honey, sesame and spices to bring you a delightful spreadable. We urge you to research what people are saying about the qualities of turmeric.

Career Opportunity – Alive, Organic Sales Manager

We are seeking a person of spirit: wholehearted and enthusiastic. Someone who wishes to build a career in the organic food industry. It is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy.

We invite you to visit our website to learn more about our work We are seeking someone with first hand experience in sales and marketing of alive, organic and kosher food.

Preferably with at least 3-5 years of experience in the food industry.

Knowledge of business and management principles and practices.

Knowledge of strategic planning and organization.

Knowledge of social media.

For more info contact

Types of Nuts and Seeds and Their Health Benefits

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