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Newsletter February 26, 2017:

For the Organic Soul of America

Dear brothers and sisters,

All of a sudden, hydroponic production of fruits and vegetables, has become a tsunami. It seems that nothing can withstand it.

Dave Chapman, the Vermont farmer who first raised the alarm about chemical soup farming feigning as “organic” says,” in five years virtually all supermarket certified organic tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers will be hydroponic.” Indeed, those “organic” berries and “organic” tomatoes that you find on store shelves in the midst of winter, are grown in Mexico in enormous, industrial greenhouses.

Dave has just issued a magnificent newsletter. It delineates the setback after setback that organic standards have received in the last year. Yet, it is, at the same time, a celebration of the resourcefulness of the people of this land.It tells of the formation of the Real Organic Project that will work to support real organic farming.

We feel privileged to bring Dave’s newsletter it to you.

With appreciation and respect,

Jesse Schwartz PhD
Living Tree Community Foods

It has not been a good year for the National Organic Program. Since the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) November meeting at Jacksonville failed to prohibit HYDRO, the organic community has gone through a period of questioning to find the path forward. We are wrestling with the basic question, “Can we trust the USDA to protect organic integrity?”

Following a series of devastating articles about the National Organic Program in the Washington Post last year, all the news from the USDA has been bad. In September, the USDA exonerated the enormous Aurora Dairy CAFO (Confinement Animal Feeding Operation) of any wrongdoing at their Colorado “farm.” This dairy operation was described in detail in one WaPo article, along with compelling test results to prove the cattle weren’t on pasture. The government approval set the stage for Aurora to build several new CAFOs that will dwarf the current 15,000-cow operation.

Then the USDA abandoned the animal welfare reforms (called OLPP) which had finally been approved under Obama. This rejection by the USDA was the result of intense lobbying from such groups as the Coalition For Sustainable Organics (in their Senate testimony), American Farm Bureau, and the National Pork Producers Council. They were championed by the ranking members of the Senate Agriculture Committee, protecting enormous “organic” egg CAFOs in their home states. The USDA thus cleared the way for CAFOs to continue receiving “organic” certification.

Once again, for CAFO egg operations: Mission Accomplished.

Then in January, the USDA announced that “Certification of hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic operations is allowed under the USDA organic regulations, and has been since the National Organic Program began.” This was an interesting rewriting of history, but who cares about the facts?

For the soilless HYDRO growers: Mission Accomplished.

Finally, the USDA recently told the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) that, going forward, they will be severely limited in the scope of their work. They will not address big questions about organic integrity. They will not set their own agenda. They will limit their focus to defining what substances will be permitted in organic certification.

These outcomes (allowing hydro, setting aside animal welfare, and reducing the role of the NOSB) are exactly what Theo Crisantes of the Coalition For Sustainable Organics called for when he testified before the Senate Ag Committee last year.

Mission Accomplished.

Visit The Real Organic Project

Recipe: Classic Almond and Cacao Energy Balls

by Deliciously Ella

A classic energy ball recipe for you all! This is an easy, simplified version of my favourite snack – this time with just five ingredients. These little beauties are my go to when I need a pick me up and my fridge/freezer is always piled high them. You can add extra hemp powder if you want to boost the protein kick, I do this if I’m taking them to the gym with me, which is great.


200g almonds (1 cup)
400g medjool dates (2 cups)
4 tablespoons raw cacao powder
2 ½ tablespoons almond butter
2 tablespoons coconut oil



Read more

Featured Item: Almond Oil – Alive & Organic

The only almond oil made from almonds grown by a California farming family of five generations.

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We have just received word from a correspondent in the UK of a new and unexpected quality that we are delighted to share:-

Almond Oil for Hair Growth – Does It Help Block DHT?

Almond oil is an oil, obtained from the seed of the almond fruit, which is composed of a combination of monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and saturated fatty acids.

Used in a variety of industries, from cosmetics to culinary to medicine, almond oil is a highly prized oil and used throughout the world.

Comprised of both omega-9 (oleic) and omega-6 (linoleic) fatty acids, almond oil is beneficial in the treatment of various medical conditions.

Both of these omega fatty acids are vital to human health, and they play a crucial role in a variety of human body processes.

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Alive, Organic Bonus Program – Heritage Olive Oil and Medjool Dates

Celebrate the Coming of Spring with a Spirit of California Gift Pack

Contains the following treasures made in the spirit of California:-

Living Tree Alive, Organic Heritage Olive Oil – One 250ml Bottle
Living Tree Alive, Organic California Olive Oil – One 11oz Jar
Living Tree Alive, Organic John Muir Chocolate Bar – One 2oz Bar
Living Tree Alive, Organic Vanilla Chocolate Bar – One 2oz Bar
Living Tree Alive, Organic Cayenne Chocolate Bar – One 2oz Bar

In a flip top box, packed in natural hardwood strands. 100% biodegradable, clean, non-allergic and dust-free.

Retail Cost: $64.34 – Yours for: $58.99

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New! Items For March

Pineapple Rings – Organic

Beautiful slices. What wonderful fruit salads you’ll make!
As a symbol of hospitality, the pineapple has a cultural association with the idea of—welcome—and has been used traditionally as a gift when meeting someone new in cultures all over the world.
Pineapple also has many health benefits and is loaded with calcium, potassium, fiber, and vitamin C, and is rich in manganese, a trace mineral the body uses to build bone and connective tissues.




Honey Dates – Alive & Organic

Grown by family farmers in Southern California.
Honey Dates are a very unique date that is grown from seed as opposed to being clonally propagated from cuttings as are most dates. This means that each Honey Date is unique. Different trees produce variations that are smooth, light, moist and melt in your mouth. Always delicious but never exactly the same.





Deglet Noor Dates – Organic and Machine Pitted

These organic Deglet Noor Dates are a golden-amber color with a translucent skin. A semi-dry date with a delicate flavor. Deglet Noor means “Date of Light.”
These machine pitted dates are great for cooking, baking or salads, and excellent when stuffed with cream cheese. They ship well and keep well. Great for traveling and backpacking – and school lunches too!





March Victory Garden Sale

10% off this month’s featured items (Remember, if you buy 3 or more of any Living Tree manufactured product, you get an additional 10% off!)

Olio Nuovo Olive Oil – Alive, Organic & Dry Farmed

Olive oil aficionados! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for all year!
Olio nuovo is here! The first expression of the olive harvest!The first pressing! The ultra-green first bottling of the new crop! Skimmed from the vat before the sediment has settled, olio nuovo has a creamy texture and heightened notes of fruit, grass and pepper.





Pistachio Butter – Alive & Organic

This delightful and fresh nut will nourish your body and your taste buds! Our pistachio butter is made from pistachios grown by California family farmers in the rich, alluvial soil of the wondrously fertile Central Valley. We add our raw Black Sesame Oil and sesame seeds to organic pistachios and season them with honey and a dash of Royal Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt.





Coconut Butter – Alive & Organic

Our alive coconut butter is created from alive coconut. Savor its fragrance. Ponder its texture.





Black Sesame Tahini – Alive & Organic

Our Organic Raw Black Sesame Tahini is a glorious, shining black. Made from organic UNHULLED black sesame seeds.The taste is profoundly sesame – robust and enlivening. This is our original creation (others have since tried to copy it). We presented it to the organic food industry at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, California in March 2003. People were delighted, they called it “caviar”!





Become a Living Tree Business Partner

Are you an experienced entrepeneur who would like to participate in the boom in organic foods? Are you a “hands-on” sort who can’t wait to steer a business towards success after success?

We manufacture alive, organic nut butters, oils and chocolates in Berkeley, California. We support family farmers. We have been established for 38 years.

For further details contact us:

Sign On In Support of Defending Our National Mammal On National Forest Lands


What we want: Signatories for our report on American Bison A Species of Conservation Concern.
Deadline for becoming a signatory: March 1, 2018.
Number of days left to sign on: 10.


Individuals, learn more and sign on here: Individual Signatories
Organizations, (associations, businesses, clubs, societies, non-profits, and other organized entities) learn more and sign on here: Organization Signatories

Buffalo Field Campaign is gathering signatories for our report on listing American bison as a species of conservation concern on National Forests in Region 1.
The Custer Gallatin is revising its forest plan and taking comments on their proposed action to guide future decisions about American bison on the National Forest, and the Regional Forester is taking comments on listing species of conservation concern in Region 1.
The Custer Gallatin’s proposed action for American bison is to let the state of Montana dictate where the migratory species can and cannot roam National Forest habitat. Under the forest’s proposed action, our National Mammal would be excluded from hundreds of thousands of acres of National Forest habitat.
Our report proposes an alternative for public evaluation that addresses the regulatory threats and stressors American bison are confronted with in the Yellowstone region. We’re pulling out the stops to ensure America’s last wild bison can freely roam our National Forests.
Recently, BFC board member and Nez Perce tribal member James Holt sent a personal letter to thirty-four American Indian Tribes to encourage resolutions in support of listing American bison as a species of conservation concern on National Forest lands.
We’re rolling ahead and over forty organizations and twelve hundred individuals have signed on. Thank you!
Please sign on today and share this special alert with friends, family, and loved ones.
Thank you for adding your voice to a growing chorus of people who support recognizing American bison as a species of conservation concern on our National Forests.

Ken Cole, Executive Director
Buffalo Field Campaign

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