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We are Seeking a Business Partner

Would you be fascinated at the prospect of helping to manage a lively live food enterprise? We are offering to sell a share in the equity of our business.

We have been established for 38 years. We are growing, even in these times, we are thankful to say. There are 136 products on our website, including 28 nut butters, 8 alive oils and 7 world class chocolates.Our recent innovations include Hazel Nut Cloud,Pistachio Butter,Chia Seed Butter and Coconut Creme.Our unique oils include Sweet Almond Oil,Black Sesame Oil and Chai Seed Oil. Also we have just brought out a Cranberry Chocolate Bar.

We market internationally, domestically to natural food stores and directly to individuals,worldwide, via the web.

This is for an entrepreneur with at least 5-7 years experience in running a small business.Expertise in marketing and finance would be appreciated.

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